In our Club you will find many good players and a great community to play with.
Everyone in our teams has great ambitions to become part of professional eSports. That´s why we are competing in leagues and on tournaments, not only to have fun but to win a rise the ranks!

If you are here to become part of our club as an active member or to support us by joining our community, we will welcome you, you will be one of us, a part of VERITAS!



If you want to see LIVE what´s happening in our community have a look at our streamers. You will find their own gameplay, casts and community events!

Enjoy their streams and leave a follow!


In this playlist you will find highlights of our community. Every member can upload their own funny, great or scary moments to promote themselves and make the community laugh!



You want to apply for a place in our teams?
Join our discord a talk to our teams directly and get invited to our trial phase.